It's been a while since Mobitech's latest release.
Since then, has grown in popularity and daily usage.
As a token of appreciation for the increasing popularity of the app ,we have been working hard to increase app stability, and speed by focusing on bug fixing and performance tuning.
In addition to the app robustness, the app was refined to give users more control and ease of use.
We noticed many users access the news feed via the daily notification, hence we introduced new notification type: Browsable notification.

Browsable notification type

Browsable notification will enable users to read news headlines directly from their notification bar. If they want they can click on it and read the complete article.
Browsable notification type
You may also have noticed the thumb up/down icons on the bottom of the browsable notification. It meant to give users control of content they would like to receive more or less. In addition the cogwheel icon direct users to the notification settings screen (will be discussed shortly) . The placement of this icon is another step to build trust for our users and by providing them an easy access and empower them to decide what, how and when they want to consume their content.

Notification configuration

The app give users additional ways to control the way they receive news:
* Notification Mode: Browsable vs. Standard.   Users can decide the format of their notification. Standard notification is a standalone notification, which are already familiar to existing use1rs.

Notification Mode
* Manage notification subscriptions: Provide users to choose the categories they want to receive notification about.
Categories users can opt in/out
* Notification time: The time in day users would like to receive notification: morning, during the day, evening.  They can also choose whether they want to receive breaking news notification.
Users will set the prefered notification time during onboarding and can access it any time they want.
By default the notification time will be opt in only to morning and evening , so users will not be bothered with multiple notification during the day, unless they explicitly opt in for it.

We hope you will enjoy the recent changes. Any feedback is welcome! 


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