Mobitech’s Tentica Patent Innovates Mobile Monetization

Mobitech is excited to announce the new patent of our action based monetization solution, Tentica. In this high-competitive advertising industry, getting a patent is yet another indication we are walking in the right path, crafting a native advertisement technology which is unique, innovative and non-intrusive. With this patent we are now the provider of a one of a kind, innovative, advertising technology. Tentica helps developers monetize, while at the same time gives the user an enjoyable exsperiance. We are innovating the App Market in a way that boosts monetization and maintains a quality user experience with our unique in-app solution. Tentica’s algorithm is designed in a way that introduces relevance to the users actions. We are able to provide developers with a non-intrusive and very effective way of monetizing. In today's crowded App marketplace, we make it so that in-app advertising isn't bombarding and is instead very relevant and useful. Tentica makes the connection with users and maintains the quality experience. Please visit and learn more about our vision and the ways in which we can help you and your industry grow.


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